Ben UFO, Friday 30.9. ISC Bern

Photo by The Gentleman Amateur. Ben UFO (a.k.a. Ben Thomson) founded Hessle Audio in Leeds together with David Kennedy (formerly known as Ramadanman, now Pearson Sound) and Kevin McAuley (Pangaea) back in 2007. After releasing around 18 outstanding 12″ records, the label put out their first compilation this year. The Hessle Audio releases cover a wide range of the more Avant Garde dance music on the fringes of Dubstep, minimal Techno and Funky. Ben UFO is a record collector and one who loves the background knowledge of a release and the history of a genre. He has a fine way of bringing this interest into his DJing, bridging effortlessly between more classic House, Techno or Disco records and recent, twisted, future bound Funky or Dubstep kinda tunes by his label mates and the UK cutting edge family. It may be mentioned in every text on Ben UFO, but it is remarkable in our times, that a DJ who hasn’t put out a single release reaches the level of exposure Ben UFO does. Deservedly so. Can’t wait for his Stride appearance.

Ben UFO’s RINSE Mix CD is out this month (September 2012) and he’s released an outstanding cassette only on Triloy Tapes – which is sold out unfortunately.

Date: Friday September 30th. Doors 22h, entry is Fr. 10.- only until 23h. Come early!

Venue Information:
ISC Bern

Neubr├╝ckstrasse 10
3012 Bern

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