Moire, 9.5. Reitschule Bern

Moiré’s tunes follow a Techno tradition going back to early Detroit, while breaking it up with stranger drum patterns and bass lines that may owe more to UK club land and the innovative drive coming from it. The inclusion of disparate vocals and ambient parts put Moiré on the fringes of Techno, yet this London based producer won’t lose sight of the dancefloor. It comes as a great surprise that Moiré would have only one release to date (on Actress’ Werkdiscs label) – and one incoming on Rush Hour – as his music sounds as mature as it gets. We’re big fans of his music and very happy to have Moiré as our guest at the May 9th Stride Night! Support as always coming from Sassy J (Stride, Patchwork) & Kev the Head (Stride).
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Flyer by Lopetz @ Büro Destruct

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