Moire, 9.5. Reitschule Bern

Moiré’s tunes follow a Techno tradition going back to early Detroit, while breaking it up with stranger drum patterns and bass lines that may owe more to UK club land and the innovative drive coming from it. The inclusion of disparate vocals and ambient parts put Moiré on the fringes of Techno, yet this London based producer won’t lose sight of the dancefloor. It comes... Read More

Kowton, Reitschule Bern, 21.2.2013

Kowton by Alex Digard (cropped)

“From his earliest work as Narcossist back in 07/08 to the off kilter House music interpretations for Keysound and Idle Hands under the Kowton alias, his music never sat comfortably in any genre.” Alex Digard in The Tape-Echo “Off kilter House music” is a wonderful way to describe Kowton‘s sound. Together with Peverelist (Punch Drunk Music / Livity... Read More

Al Tourettes, ISC Bern 17.2.2012

We’re excited to announce Al Tourettes flying over for a live set at our February 17 Stride Night. Musical support as usual will come from DJ’s Sassy J & Kev the Head for some deep eclectic Techno Bass music. Check out Al Tourette’s Soundcloud page for a taste of his music, and buy his tunes from boomkat or wherever. Here’s an extract from Al’s... Read More

Ben UFO, Friday 30.9. ISC Bern

Ben UFO by The Gentleman Amateur

Photo by The Gentleman Amateur. Ben UFO (a.k.a. Ben Thomson) founded Hessle Audio in Leeds together with David Kennedy (formerly known as Ramadanman, now Pearson Sound) and Kevin McAuley (Pangaea) back in 2007. After releasing around 18 outstanding 12″ records, the label put out their first compilation this year. The Hessle Audio releases cover a wide range of the more Avant... Read More

LONE, ISC Bern, 2.12.2011

LONE - copyright Shaun Bloodworth 2011

Photo: Copyright Shaun Bloodworth 2011. Over the past year, Nottingham-based producer Lone (a.k.a. Matt Cutler) has undertaken quite the reinvention, leaving behind the hip-hop flavored abstraction and hazy beatscapes of his notable Ecstasy & Friends and Lemurian albums for a quicker-paced sound that’s much better suited for the dance floor. Last summer’s “Pineapple... Read More

Untold 22/1/2011

To start off our bimonthly Stride series at Formbar Bern, we’re happy to have Untold (Hemlock / Hessle Audio / Hotflush UK) down for a DJ set! There are few producers who have an indelible audio stamp. Jack Dunning aka Untold is one of the lucky few. His sound is more than a trademark snare or a catchy vocal snippet, it’s a sonic DNA that mutates beyond genre, transcends... Read More

Alexander Nut 26/3/2011

Alex Nut by Shaun Bloodworth

For our 2nd Stride Night our friend ALEXANDER NUT is paying us a visit! Prolific DJ and the man behind Eglo Records this should be a big night! Photo by Shaun Bloodworth The following text by Martin Clark is taken from the website “There have been times when I play with all the lights off and take a little lamp… we pretend that we’re in Plastic People. Haha,... Read More